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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I get a refund? I can’t make it to the show.

A: Nope. But you can resell your tickets on the Facebook Event Page at face value and transfer them yourself via Eventbrite.

We keep the shows affordable by minimizing our administrative costs; therefore, like most theater shows, movies, concerts, and other events, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. If you somehow accidentally got tickets for the wrong night, we humbly request you find someone else to take those tickets. Our shows tend to sell out quickly; so you have a very good chance of reselling your tickets. Please do not ask us for refunds or exchanges.

We are not responsible for accidental ticket purchases or unplanned schedule changes.

Q: How do I get a ticket to a sold out event?

A: At the door or on the Facebook Event Page.

Door - Tickets are usually available at the door based on a first come, first served basis.

We recommend showing up to get in line by 6:30pm. We are usually able to accommodate additional audience members pending availability. We cannot make guarantees as we must respect the capacity restrictions of our theater space and occupancy codes.

Facebook - As the event approaches, people who change their plans often resell their tickets on the Facebook Event Page. Beware scams. If the seller gives their full phone number in the public post on Facebook, offers “a good price,” has no visible friends, appears to be from very far away, or seems otherwise phishy, they probably are.

People with real tickets tend to post the number of tickets available and the exact asking price and are direct and forthcoming with details.

We are not responsible for scammed tickets.

Q: Competitor and Audience tickets are sold out, how do I get ahead of the game in the future?

A: Make sure you’re on our mailing list - it’s at the bottom of this page. Tickets for each next show weekend are released to the mailing list and the public around the time of the current show. Shows are every other month, usually the first or second Friday and Saturday. We always put 3 competitor tickets aside for first-timers on an honor system basis. All tickets are in high demand.

Example - tickets for July shows are released after the May shows. Tickets for September shows are released after the July shows. Sometimes we are able to plan shows further in advance and in those cases, all tickets are posted on our website, Eventbrite, and Facebook.

Q: I entered the punslinger lottery; when will I hear if I’ve been chosen as a punslinger?

A: Generally we’ll let you know either way about 7-10 days after tickets go on sale.

If we are unable to accommodate you as a punslinger, you’ll have an opportunity to buy an audience ticket at that time.

*We recommend buying an audience ticket along with your punslinger lottery ticket if you are sure you’d want to come either way. Then, if you get to compete, you’ll already have an audience ticket locked in for at least one of your cheering squad!

Q: Are kids welcome?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We warmly welcome punsters of all ages.

We cannot guarantee the show will not contain “adult language,” but we pride ourselves on inclusivity and warmth. We’d say the show is probably rated PG or PG13. Plus, free popcorn!

Q: Are there drinks for sale?

A: Yes. We check IDs at the door and offer beer, wine, and soft drinks on a “recommended donation” basis.

No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.

We offer free popcorn. We discourage outside food and beverages but encourage whatever discrete snacking you need to stay happy and nourished.

Q: Will you please come do a show in my city?

A: Sure. We are open to opening other shows.

We are not currently planning any additional cities; however, if you have a venue in mind and a viable proposal, we’d love to consider it. More pun = more fun. We’re particularly keen on an LA intro…

Q: Do you do corporate, non-profit, or charity events?

A: Yes. Contact us directly for details and pricing.